What will make your website look professional, trustworthy and appealing it’s definitely adding high-quality images. A picture is worth a thousand words. Even if you’re not a graphic designer or a photographer you can have have access to high-resolution images for free.

Using high-quality images on your website is the best way to brighten up the look of your website regardless if it’s a personal website, business website, online store or blog. Choosing the right images can instantly make your products more attractive, your ideas more influential and your expertise inspiring trust. The visual part of your website can make a big difference in your brand success.

High-quality and relevant images help your visitors understand what your products and services are about, improving your visitor’s experiences on your website. Images will help increase views and user engagement – users will spend more time on your website and share it more often on social media.

Google Images will quickly show you any image and pictures you ever want it, but using them will violate someone’s copyright. Fortunately, there is a simple and safe way to get high quality images. There are plenty of online websites offering free images that you can use, even commercially, for free.

Why are they free? Some websites allow you to download pictures for private use, but will disallow images for commercial use. Many images are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons zero public domain dedication (or CC0), so you can copy and modify even for commercial purposes.. Some images, still require attribution.

Where to get free images?

One of our favorite website that support CC0 images available is Pixabay. You are allowed to modify, edit, and use their images. Please note, you should always check the license of the image to ensure uses are permitted for what you plan to do with the image. Read each website carefully, as terms may vary over time.