Well, you should be networking. Tell people your website address all the time, because it will tell people who you are and what can you do for them. If you operate like other offline businesses, you are constantly engaging with other people and exchanging business cards. That’s the perfect place to have your website address present so they can look up your site.

Don’t forget the role of public creations. Make sure you include your web address in the your contact information of your press releases and when you are talking about a product or service, make sure you have your website address visible wherever you can.

  1. Set up your voicemail message, but include web address in your greeteng message offer to find you online.
  2. Your email is a good place to include your website address with your signature line.

  3. Monthly or weekly newsletters either digitally or in-print, make sure that your website address is there.

  4. In other words, you need to refer to your website every opportunity you get.

Having a great looking website with lots of great products to buy at your offline business, doesn’t mean you will get the visitors you want. Online marketing is extremely competitive, there are things you will need to do to get your share of the traffic. Let’s have a look at some of the things you can do.

#1 Have Great Promotional Material

Promotional material is a extremely effective form of advertising, especially freebies. They have a very long shelf life, leaving your company name, website and logo out there, which will bring traffic to your site.

#2 Displays on Your Vehicle

You have a company car,van,truck…, make sure that you have your website address displayed on your vehicle. Use a easy to read font and add a little promotional text.

#3 Advertising

Contact the newspaper in your area or a relevant trade magazine and place an advertising. If your business is new, a newspaper will provide free business on startup. Magazines, local papers and other publications are generally looking for free information to provide their readers with, because it keeps their costs down.

#4 Branded Clothing

Consider branded clothing to advertise your offline business. Jackets, hats and T-shirts are all good choices.

#5 Help Wanted Ads

When you hiring new staff, make sure your website address is on all your employment advertising.

#6 Network – Network – Network

analyzing-brainstorming-businessFinally, don’t forget to network. You display your products/services at trade shows, promotes your website along with your products/services. Make sure your URL is on all of your promotional material such as brochures, business cards, flyers, newsletters, etc.

These tips to get traffic for your offline business work so don’t wait! You have to promote your website at every opportunity that comes your way. It’s very important to promote your offline business to help grow the traffic to your website and ultimately your business.

There can be some head-scratching when promoting offline businesses online. Many business owners even miss the value of getting traffic online to your website, not realizing that this traffic can then be turned into foot traffic into their store.

The best way to do this is to start with a well designed website. It takes more than a nice looking website to get targeted traffic to your website, but that’s a good place to start. You might be attempting to create your own website or perhaps you are going to give it to the professionals – whatever you do always remember that your quality of content is critical to not only bringing traffic to your website but having them return.

But, that’s just the beginning. You will have to decide on a handful very important keywords or keyword phrases that describe what your offline business sells or does. You will then have to make sure you place these throughout your content.

You should be using tools like ‘how to’ videos, where you teach others. It would be great if videos can revolve around what you sell. Let’s say you are a paint store. You could do a video on different techniques for painting, which will draw targeted traffic and then bring them into your store where they would then buy paint.

Take time to think about what is you want from your website. Are customers order your products and services online as well as come into your offline business. Are you providing your customers with helpful tips, maybe Q&A sessions, do you want to provide pricing? Whatever is you would like your website to focus on then make sure that is included in your content.

Bringing targeted traffic to your website is much different than just brining traffic. You want to make sure your visitors are targeted because ultimately you want them to come into your store and buy from you. There are quite a few tools that can help you accomplish this, but if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it correctly, it’s always a good idea to outsource, get a professional so that you get the results you want.

How to Build Traffic to Your Offline Business Website

* Use Offline Promotions

Offline marketing is often forgotten about, but it’s a good way to get traffic for free. We spend so much time focusing on online marketing promotions that we forget there still exists a whole offline world of advertising and promoting. Make sure you will include your website address on all printed materials you use. Also, remember there are many other marketing promotions like T-shirts, pens, mouse pads, etc.

* Your URL Needs to be Included With Your Signature

Your website URL in your email signature are a good way to bring free traffic to your website. Also, include your online signature, such as that used on a blog or forum, or in your email and your offline signature line.
Getting free traffic is a vast topic and the list of opportunities is just as vast.

Here are five things you can do to help increase the traffic to your website.

#1 Packaging

As a retailer, you generally have many opportunities in your packaging to advertise your website address. Your product packaging, flyers, business cards, bags, etc. are all good places to share your web address. Previous customers might not know you have a website.

#2 Correspondence

Businesses conduct a lot of correspondence throughout the day, both online such as email and offline such as letters. Make sure that every piece of correspondence has your website address on it. Every email should have your web address under it so create a signature template that includes it.

#3 Business Cards

Put a business card in every order, whether it’s a customer in the store or orders you ship, always throw in a business card that has your website address in it. Business cards are cheap to have printed and they provide a huge opportunity to promote your business. If your current cards don’t have your website on them do not put a sticker on them! This looks tacky and unprofessional. Spend the money and order new business cards.

#4 Handouts – Presentations

If you have handouts then add your website to them. If you do a presentation that has various bits of information handed out to the attendants, make sure that every single page has your web address on it.

#5 Target Print Material

Newspapers, magazines, direct mail brochures, flyers, and printable coupons are all forms of targeted print material that can work for you to promote your website online. You might add a discount code that your customers can enter to save money if they purchase online rather than from your offline retail outlet, which encourages them to check your site out.

If you are a new business, you need to let the world know about your existence. If your business is established, you still need to grow your business. That means every offline business can benefit from exposure that lets the world know they have a website and where to find it.

cup-dairy-product-deliciousHow Starbucks Uses Online and Offline Marketing Effectively

Starbucks – this is a very successful offline business, that has certainly learned how to use online and offline marketing effectively. There are many lessons most businesses could learn from how Starbucks does business.

Every Starbucks feels like own unique local coffee shop? How is that Starbucks was able to turn their online Starbuck Rewards program that uses the smartphone app into such as success? Few would argue with the fact that Starbucks is a leader in the coffee industry and with their marketing. So let’s see what we can learn from them.

Examples of Online Marketing That’s Been Successful

1. Starbucks use Twitter to engage with their followers. If you follow them, they’ll follow you back. They engage in conversations with the audience. That might be wishing students good luck on finals or it might be talking about Starbucks nail art. Users can even Tweet a gift card to anyone they like.

2. Starbucks offers their customers free Wi-Fi and that perk has encouraged customers to stay in the coffee shop rather than to get their coffee on the fly. When customers connect to the Starbucks Wi-Fi they enjoy the Starbucks Digital Experience. Services that generall charge like USA Today, are free through Starbucks.

3. The Starbucks Android and Apple application has made it very convenient to pay on the go. But it does more. It allows you to build stars for free drinks. It’s a win-win all the way around and it has been a huge success with customers.

Offline Examples

1. The recognizable red cup rings in the holidays every year. When you see someone with the Starbucks red cup it means it’s time for special holiday drinks. It triggers emotions and other small businesses should take note and figure out how they can match their products/services to a season and turn on their customers ‘joy.’

2. Starbucks loves to run contests where those participating must be the first to post a new ad or poster. They integrate their website with their social media and encourage customers to participate.

That’s the way Starbucks has been very successful. Use their success, and determine how you can have the same kind of success. There are many companies that can show you a successful online and offline marketing campaigns. Learn from their success.

Using Advertising to Promote Website Traffic for Your Offline Business

You have a regular brick and mortar store – an offline business – you have a professional website – now what? The first thing you should realize is just because you have a really good website doesn’t mean that your site will be found! It’s one of the most common mistakes made by today’s business owners. A company pays a hefty price for a really good website and then expects the website to immediately start to do well in the search engines. For that to happen other things have to occur to bring traffic to your site. Right now, we’ll focus on the role of advertising both online and offline.

You need to ask yourself some questions. Is your advertising matching who your target audience is? Even with a low response to your advertising campaign, will you reach your target audience? You can spend a lot of money on online advertising and get very little benefit if you don’t do it right. Then again when done right your online advertising is a great way to generate a lot of traffic and spend time not money.

Offline advertising can also generate traffic for you by advertising your website on business cards, flyers, signs, brochures, word of mouth marketing and email signature lines. Make it your practice to include your website on all of your printed materials so that you ensure the widest possible reach.

Think a little outside the box when it comes to advertising your offline business. Similar businesses can cross promote for each other both offline and online. Link exchanges can be a good way to advertise free by exchanging links with related businesses or businesses within the same industry.

Never miss an opportunity. There are many that you might not think about, especially if you are not running an online business. The best thing you can do is get the help of professionals if you are not quite sure how to proceed with your advertising.