There are abundant of online business tools for marketers, but doesn’t mean they are all worth using. In order to figure out what tools would be the best to use for your website, it’s important to know what tools you need, what features work best online, how expensive a tool is, and how well it works to accomplish your marketing goal. Here are some of online tools that we think every online marketer should include in their toolbox, and we’ve offered you an evaluation of that tools to give you an idea of what we think makes a useful and worthwhile marketing tool.


If you are a marketer selling online, you know what you are looking for is something to reduce your workload, and to help you create the following to your website:
• Traffic The number one thing any Internet marketer wants to achieve online is a good traffic. Without traffic, there are no clients. Without clients, there are no sales. Traffic has to be generated and anything that helps automate that process is helpful. Some go beyond the “helpful” criteria, but to be actually POWERFUL traffic drivers. Those are the ones that you want to include in your tool kit. Some of these help you target demographics, others just get distributed that drives traffic back to your site, regardless of demographic.
• Income Another thing that marketers want are tools that help them generate income, manage income streams, or reduce expenses. That can help products online be sold, shopping cart tools, and any other sort of revenue specific tool.
• Contact Management You have traffic to your site, and you got some sources of income, but you don’t know who is visiting your site? You need tools that help you harvest contacts and then market them via email or subscription campaigns. This is the mouth of your sales funnel and without these tools, you can end up doing a lot of marketing and never getting off the starting block to sales.
• Promotion Tools that promote marketers business are essential to good online marketing. The Internet is filled with millions of people, but it doesn’t mean your online exposure is sufficient to get the word out. Using tools that help you boost your exposure is one way that you can start creating an online image and brand yourself or your business.



Since tools will be either online services or scripts, the best tools have the following features:

• Easy To Use No one wants to spend a ton of time trying to get the tool to work.
• Solves A Customer’s Problem Any tool that gives better customer service, or provides a value-added feature to your customers is valuable to your business model.
• Consistent Performance Adopting a tool that works great one time and bombs another is a way to lose customers. Always use established tools that have the bugs worked out of them.
• Simple Registration A good online tool will either have a registration opt-in, like an email, or none at all, if it’s free.
• Manages Multiple Users Efficiently The idea is to attract a lot of traffic, convert it to contacts, and start marketing it. If performance drops off, or you cannot keep up with multiple users efficiently, as an online marketer you might as well not use it.
• Great Customer Support Technical glitches can happen, even with the best of tools out there. You want to have a phone number, and contact, or email you can go to and send in a help support ticket to get your problems resolved.
• Creates Excitement And Interest A tool that that is creating a buzz, excitement, fun and gets your users to participate in your website or offering is a great way to get noticed.


You don’t want to spend a lot on tools and there are plenty of free tools out there. But, many times a little expense can be worth your money if the benefits satisfy the costs.


If you are like most marketers, starting out without a plan, you quickly realize that if you start setting goals that you are more likely to achieve them. So, you start to set goals, and then you realize that tools would be a good idea to help you achieve those goals. Some of these tools, you will be able to tell how it helps you to achieve your marketing goals, and others will have an impact that may be hard to measure.

However, tools that do let you see right away how they impact your goals of traffic, income, contact management, and advertising are preferable to those that may or may not be having any impact. Your time, effort, and money you devote to implementing and using a tool is going to give you a sound return on your investment.


We’re going to start listing marketing tools, evaluating them, and giving you a link where you can go to access them. We may not be able to put up all your favorite tools, but it’s a good start for anyone who is thinking about seriously competing online with other online marketers.


viddyozeMore Businesses Learn That Video Is The Future Of Marketing. It doesn’t matter how good your content is. It’s not important how clever your sales video is. If you’re not putting out jaw-dropping videos, with professional level production, your business won’t get the attention it deserves. Bring top-quality animations in-house and triple your productivity and turnover.



1. Easy To Use: No Complex Software. No Technical Experience Needed.
2. Solves A Customer’s Problem: Produce Unlimited, Fully Customisable Animations At Lightning Speed For Your Business.
3. Consistent Performance: Very solid performance.
4. Simple Registration: Yes.
5. Manages Multiple Users Efficiently: Multi User Access Available.
6. Great Customer Support: They do have customer support that you can count on.
7. Creates Excitement/Interest: Takes things a step further than our regular animation marketplace, with a host of powerful features specifically built for businesses like yours

They offer fully customizable pricing plans to fit any budget. As well as affordable pay per use.

With Viddyoze platform anybody can create high quality animations that rival any expensive agency, freelancer or professional animator – all with ZERO experience or technical knowledge required.
Produce High Quality Video Animations At The Click Of A Mouse Here


lemlist-logoLemlist is the email platform that lets you create humanized experiences and long lasting relationships. A personalized email is automatically generated based on the person you’re reaching out to. At the same time a personalized video is also generated in order to make the outreach more human.


1. Automate – You will Never have to rewrite the same email ever again. With lemlist you can automate and personalize your emails in just a few clicks.
2. Personalize images – An image is worth a thousand words… but a personalized image is worth a thousands replies.
3. Insert – Website screenshots, company logos, custom text automatically thanks to our powerful technology.
4. Simple Registration – Yes.
5. Measure – Track how many people have opened your emails, clicked on a link, and have replied to your email.
6. Great Customer Support – You are a valued client and thus they do try to keep you happy.
7. Automate – Your follow-up emails without losing personalisation with sequences


Start Your 14-day trial. No commitment. No credit card required.
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Being able to personalize each email before launching the campaign and automate follow-ups it is a huge time saver for the sales team! You will also noticed an increase of 200% in replies when A/B testing emails with personalized images VS no images.
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openofficeA desktop publishing software that is free to download. You don’t have to pay for Microsoft Office and you don’t do much other than create content for online websites, then OpenOffice takes up less room on your personal computer, it has enough features to make it sufficient for most Marketers.


1. Easy To Use: Installing OpenOffice takes less time than Microsoft Office. Very easy to use if you know how to use Microsoft Office, it has many of the same features.
2. Solves A Customer’s Problem: A built-in PDF converter so that you can generate eBooks and reports easily, without having to save the file first, download a converter, and then convert the file. There is an option to save as a PDF file instead.
3. Consistent Performance: Very stable, gives consistent performance. But, some functions are not as elegant.
4. Simple Registration: You don’t have to register if you don’t want to.
5. Manages Multiple Users Efficiently: There are multiple ways to save in various formats, so you can still share files.
6. Great Customer Support: Technical support is not available as it is an Open Source product.
7. Creates Excitement/Interest: It’s not a flashy product, isn’t meant to create magazine style documents. For advanced desktop publishing you would have to buy a commercial product.

Free, and that’s very appealing. No more upgrades, no more license fees. If you have team of people, you can save quite a bit of money using OpenOffice.
It comes with a free spreadsheet, database, presentation, and drawing functionality. If you want to create metric spreadsheets for other things you can, but there’s nothing inherently that measures metric of saving money with this product, other than the difference you pay with MS Office and OpenOffice.
Download here.


twitterSocial networking site used as a tool to promote websites, offerings, and yourself. A micro-blogging site that allows you to send out “tweets” of 140 character bytes that tell people about what you are doing and what your interests are online. People will follow you and they can end up “retweeting” your tweets, making it viral. You can even tweet from your mobile phone. With followers you get, the likelihood that you’ll end up getting loads of traffic and generate interest and excitement for your activities online.

1. Easy To Use: Extremely easy to use since you just provide an online username and password and start sending out status updates.
2. Solves A Customer’s Problem: Nanosecond blogging can get you hooked up in minutes, without having to read an entire blog post to find interesting news and links.
3. Consistent Performance: Performance has been so consistent that it has climbed up to the number three spot of social networking sites.
4. Simple Registration: Email verification.
5. Manages Multiple Users Efficiently: You can generate great interest with your tweets and get followers very fast. Managing followers is not that easy! It can be hard to really get to know each user and interact with them. Next tool we’ll discuss will help with that.
6. Great Customer Support: Good customer service.
7. Creates Excitement/Interest: This is the strength of Twitter. It’s very easy to get followers, you can start to generate a very large network, very quickly, reaching all areas of the Internet.

It’s Free to signup for individuals, but they are implementing a cost model for businesses.

It’s easy to figure out how popular you are by the number of followers you’ve attracted. Whether that actually gets you traffic to your sites and offers depends entirely on how diligent you are at tweeting new activities on Twitter. And, it’s not that easy to measure what the impact is, but Internet marketers are convinced it has a huge impact.
Sign up here.


crowdfireSocial Media Management, Simplified. Crowdfire will discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place, relevant content based on your topics of interest.


1. Easy To Use: This online service is very easy to use. Publish content from your own blogs and sites
2. Solves A Customer’s Problem: Automatically customize your posts for all your social profiles, taking away the headache of crafting separate posts for each individual social network
3. Consistent Performance: Schedule all your posts in advance and publish them automatically at the best times or at times chosen by you.
4. Simple Registration: Easy to register.
5. Manages Multiple Users Efficiently: Schedule and publish content to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Pinterest from one place.
6. Great Customer Support: Good customer service.
7. Creates Excitement/Interest: If you use this right, it can create great excitement.

There is a free and a paid version for more advanced users.

Post Performance Metrics – Track engagement metrics for all your individual posts. Check which ones are doing well and which aren’t and reschedule the good ones!
Engagement Metrics – Get a birds eye view of engagement for each of your social media accounts.
Signup at here.


googleThis tool lets you research keywords to help you develop niches, PPC campaigns, and online strategies to get better traffic. Keep an eye on your search volume, the average CPC payout, and competition for different keywords. It will suggest other keywords too, as synonyms, by checking that box, helping you to brainstorm potential profitable niches and keywords.


1. Easy To Use: Very easy to use. Load a keyword or phrase and hit search button to return a list.
2. Solves A Customer’s Problem: You have some actual values of how that keyword phrase is performing online.
3. Consistent Performance: Extremely consistent tool.
4. Simple Registration: No registration necessary.
5. Manages Multiple Users Efficiently: N/A
6. Great Customer Support: Not really necessary since it’s been used consistently for quite some time with no problems.
7. Creates Excitement/Interest: Can create interest from targeted streams of traffic if used correctly.


It will show you detailed metrics on keywords or potential niches performance based on past performance and the level of competition in the market place. It’s one tool that all Internet marketers should get to know in depth.
Check out Google Adwords Keyword Tool here.